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Isn't it amazing the number and variety of accessories you tend to need in the hills! Even for the tamest of mountain activity you will need hats, gloves, gaiters, compass, torch, mapcase and for safety, a whistle, survival bag, first aid kit and several other items. That's why we at Hilltrekker maintain an extensive variety of accessories. That includes of course camping accessories, all the above mentioned items, survival equipment, water and fuel bottles and hydration systems.

general accessories

This is just a part of our extensive and well stocked accessories display, which includes items too numerous to mention.

first aid kits
washing and waterproofing
hydration aids

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First Aid Kits (left)
Always carry a first aid kit in the hills. You might go for years without ever needing it, but remember, you can be many hours away from help should any form of accident occur. We stock a variety of kits ranging from comprehensive kits suitable for a mountain leader, down to smaller single-person kits

Compasses (right)
The most fundamental 'must-have' tool for navigation in mountains remains the simple magnetic compass. We have a range of easy-to-use compasses from well known manufacturers.

Water Proofing sprays and waxes (left)
We have a wide selection of Water-proofing sprays and waxes for clothing, boots and tents, along with specialist washing aids for down clothing, breathable clothing etc.

Trekking poles (right)
Trekking poles have become increasingly popular in recent years. Their use helps to reduce stress on the knees, especially in descent and aids balance, particularly in rough terrain or in situations like river crossings. You will find a wide range in Hilltrekker.

Water Purification and Hydration systems (left)
Water is very important in the hills. You need to be able to carry it conveniently and purify any that you take from the environment. We stock a range of convenient hydration systems from well known suppliers along with water purification kit.

Head Torches (left)
Head torches are invaluable and not just in the hills. Almost all are LED based, and range from relatively low cost models to more sophisticated designs with many features. We stock a good selection to suit all requirements.

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