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light weight fleece tops
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Lite Fleece tops (left)
Light weight fleece tops are warm and cosy for cold days and are available in many forms. These examples, in pastel shades, are for the ladies and are very modestly priced.

Low cost waterproofs (right and left)
You don't need a costly breathable waterproof in every situation. In many general outdoor circumstances, lower priced models are often entirely adequate. Target Dry's Technical Jacket is an economically priced and rugged mountain jacket.
The lighter Trail jacket (left) is another option.
Our range also includes ultra lightweight but effective pac-a-way jackets for those summer showers.

Fleece Jackets (right)
Economically priced fleeces for mountain or general wear have always been one of our specialities. We stock examples from several suppliers including Regatta, Outdoor scene and Hannah.

Soft Shell (left)
Do you think soft shells are expensive ? Not this one from Regatta ! It's warm light, windproof and showerproof all for a remarkably low price.

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target dry technical jacket
economy fleece jackets