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A lot of heat can be lost from your legs in cold weather, and conversely a lot of discomfort experienced if legs start to overheat. Keeping the legs dry is also important although many people find that overtrousers restrict leg movement, sap energy and are generally best avoided if possible. For these reasons choice of the right legwear is important. We stock a broad range of legwear including shorts, track suit bottoms, lightweight trekking trousers, lined trek trousers, etc. We also stock a wide variety of overtrousers.

Vapour rise Pants
Montane's Terra pants
Three-quarter Trousers

Rab's Vapour Rise Pants (left)
These cosy lined pants from RAB have water resistant outers and a lightweight pile lining for winter warmth in the hills. The cut allows complete freedom of movement.

Regatta's Action trousers (right)
Economically priced windproof trek trousers are great for the hills, but equally good for general wear. The Lined Action trousers have a lightweight inner lining to keep the legs warm in the winter months.

Montane's Terra Pants (left)
Tough, windproof and quick drying with extra abrasion resistant regions on the knees and seat, Montane's Terra pants are an established favourite.

Track Suit bottoms (right)
This is an Track Suit bottoms are not just a good idea for running or just casual wear, they also have a place in the mountains. Their flexibility and comfort can be helpful when climbing or scrambling. Though not windproof they can be worn under a pair of lightweight pertex pants in colder or windy weather.

Convertable legwear (left)
Convertable legwear (converts) can be used as shorts or as full length trousers. The lower leg is zipped on and can be readily removed. The concept makes a lot of sense if you are trekking in hot weather. Use them as shorts during the day and zip on the lower legs in the evening when it starts to get chilly. On the left are Montane's Terra converts.

Craghoppers Kiwi trousers (right)
A recent addition to our range, these Classic Kiwi trousers (right)with smart dry nano fabric are stain and water repellant. Other Craghopper's models stocked include ladies and gents Kiwi stretch trousers

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